Dylan Rugs

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Our Durham rugs are 100% polyester which insures longevity and durability! Each rug is machine woven in Turkey with beautiful, subtle colored designs.

Designer Tip: Jennifer loves using rugs to “ground” a space. Whether it be in a living room, office, or dining room, a rug adds a layer of texture and warmth. One common mistake she sees, is purchasing a rug TOO SMALL for the space! If need be, save your pennies for a larger rug that is able to slide under the front two legs of a sofa, chair, or bed. It will truly make a difference!

  • Materials: 85% Polypropylene, 15% Acrylic
  • Machine Woven
  • Low Pile - 0.14"
  • Colors: Taupe, Medium Gray, Charcoal, Navy

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